Hemswood Pedestrian Bridge

Manchester, UK

He realized, above all, that the assumption he had made repeatedly since his arrival on the island – that sooner or later his crashed car would be noticed by a passing driver or policeman, and that rescue would come as inevitably as if he had crashed into the central reservation of a suburban dual carriageway – was completely false, part of that whole system of comfortable expectation he had carried with him. Given the peculiar topography of the island, its mantle of deep grass and coarse shrubbery, and the collection of ruined vehicles, there was no certainty that he would ever be noticed at all.

Typology Recreational
Location 111 Arlet Drive, Molson, CO
Client General Partners Ltd.
Status Completed
Date Summer 2015


Architect Avant Architecture PLC
Contractor Core Limited
Structural Engineer Sever Co.
Lighting Ellowitz Lighting Co.